Free Tutorial: Glitter Stars Tote Bag

To make this super useful sparkly tote bag you will need:
Tote Bag
Pen (I used a sharpie)
Stars Template
Heat Press or Iron
1) Cut out your star shapes from the template
2) Use the pen to draw around the star shapes in the back of the HTV (non shiny side.)
3) Cut out star shapes from HTV
4) Iron the tote bag flat and smooth and lay it out on a heat press or large flat surface (like a piece of wood or floor with a towel underneath.
5) Arrange your stars on your tote bag
6) If using a heat press: Press for 15 seconds at 160 degrees. 
    If using an iron: Place a piece of scrap cotton fabric over the top of your tote bag and HTV, with your iron on medium (2 dot) heat press down firmly onto your tote bag.  Press for 15 seconds and move onto the next section until you have pressed the entire tote bag.  
Test a corner of the HTV, it should not peel off (the clear top coat will once the HTV is adhered).  If it does press again for another 5 seconds/until it's adhered fully.
7) Remove your cotton fabric covering.
8) Peel off all the clear top coats on the stars.
9) Press once more for 5 seconds (and add another layer of HTV stars if you wish)
There you have it!  Your finished tote is now ready to use and is fully washable after 24 hours.
You can also use a Sihouette Cameo/Cricut Maker/Gemini Machine or Sizzix Die Cutter to cut out your stars - or use different shapes and add a name if you want!
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