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Free Tutorial: Pom Poms (Multipom)

To make these amazing Pom Poms in less than 10 minutes you will need:
Ball of yarn
1) Lay your frame out and start to wrap the yarn around the dips in the frame.
2) Wrap the yarn (not to tightly) around the frame 80-100 times
3) Cut 3 pieces of yarn approximately 30cm long (this will make 3 pom poms)
4) Tie them very tightly at even intervals along the wrapped yarn.
You can use strong string or thread to tie them too.
You can make multiple pom poms with different colours all at the same time.
What a time saver!
5) Using very sharp scissors (we love these Rose Gold ones) cut through exactly half way in between each tie and the two outer loops of yarn - this will make each pom pom.
6) Take each pom pom and fluff it in your fingers, trim as needed.
To make multicoloured pom poms just wrap the colours around the Multipom
You only need to wrap it around 40-50 times as you have 2 colours of yarn.
Experiment with the whole Multipom frame - wrap more yarn around for thicker pom poms, adding more ties will make multiple smaller pom poms, or use the whole frame to make a giant pom pom!  The combinations are endless!
Top Tip: Use any type of yarn you have in your stash - we love wool or acrylic as it fluffs up better than cotton yarn.
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