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Q&A with Claire Walker from Pippsybelle

What's the name of your handmade business and how did you come up with the name?
Pippsybelle It's a combination of my daughters nicknames.
How did you get into crafting and how long have you been crafting?
I've always loved crafting! From scrapbooking and making friendship bracelets when I was small, to dabbling in making cards, and then finding my absolute love for sewing gifts and decorations. Pippsybelle is 3 years old now and a complete passion
What do you like to make?
Birthday badges and rosettes and crowns, Bag Tags, Keyrings, Book marks, Bow Holders, Name garlands. All made with felt, glitter and free motion embroidery
What kinds of materials do you use?
Primo felt! Love how strong it is, yet soft and smooth. Glitter fabric
What new crafts do you want to try?
I would love to have a go at crochet one of these days
What is your favourite craft tool?
Freezer paper! It makes cutting out felt so much easier
What’s one of your favourite things you’ve made?
An Alice in Wonderland and Prosecco themed birthday badge for my sister in laws 21st birthday
What are some of your favourite things to do in your spare time?
Spare time!! I'm a crafter, we have no spare time haha. I like to get outside. Go for a walk. We're really lucky to live on the North Norfolk coast so there's lots of beautiful scenery to enjoy
What advice would you give to people just starting out crafting?
Don't put yourself in a box. Give yourself chance to play and grow. You never know which direction your creativity will take you
What's the hardest thing about running a handmade business?
Balancing family life and work. I have 3 young girls. Trying to spend quality time with them, and ignore social media whilst I'm with them is a huge challenge that, if I'm honest, I really need to work on. When a large part of your work happens online, it can go everywhere with you, and it's hard to switch off
Share a success story with us..
I took time off to have my last baby, and I'm so happy to say that a lot of my regular customers have returned and I've gained lots of new faces to my page too. This first month back has been my best month yet so I'm really excited to watch my little business growing
What inspires your designs?
Without a doubt my little girls. I naturally go to girly designs first...I just can't help it! Though I do try and listen to what my nephews like to and try to keep them happy too
Can you tell us about your design process?
Doodling, tracing onto freezer paper, cutting out, and then doodling again, only this time on the sewing machine!
What's ahead in the future?
Hopefully notebook covers! Watch this space