Glitz Chunky Glitter Fabric

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Glitz & Luxe-Glitz Chunky Glitter Fabric

Looking to add some sparkle to your projects? Glitz & Luxe-Glitz is the material for you!

Glitz & Luxe-Glitz is easy to cut with standard sharp scissors.
Glitz & Luxe-Glitz is made from non-fraying 1mm thick white or grey polycotton fabric.
Glitz is topped with 2-3mm sized Glitz Chunky Glitter particles.
Luxe-Glitz is even chunkier, with layered 2-5mm glitter particles for that Luxe-Glitz sparkle!

Glitz & Luxe-Glitz & can be:
Sewn by hand or machine (we recommend our embroidery sharps needles and 90/14 machine needles)
Use in a die cutting machine with all your Bigz Dies!
Safe for children: Glitz is made for us, so we specifically asked for it be made safe for childrens items - so if you're making a doll and want to add some sparkly shoes, or a spaceman and want to give it that authentic Star-man look, Glitz is the material for you!
Glitz & Luxe-Glitz comes in a huge range of sizes so you're sure to find the size for your project.
A4 sheet 21cm x 29cm (8" x 11.5")

Single Mini Roll 21cm x 100cm (8" x 39")

Continuous Piece: 
Order 1 = Single Mini Roll 21cm x 100cm (8" x 39")
Order 2 = 42cm x 100cm (16.5" x 39")
Order 3 = 63cm x 100cm (24.8" x 39")
Order 4 = 84cm x 100cm (33" x39")
Order 5 = 105cm x 100cm (41" x 39")

Metre: 100cm x 135cm (39" x 53")
Sent folded for posting, to remove any creases iron the back of the material.