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Fusion Self Adhesive Felt - Pastel Peach

Fusion Self Adhesive Felt - Pastel Peach

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"Our Fusion Self Adhesive Felt is perfect for all your crafty projects!
Just peel off the backing and stick!
No ironing involved! Creates a permanent bond between the two materials.

Fusion Self Adhesive Wool Blend Felt will stick to:
Felt, Fabric, Glitter Fabric, Faux Leather, Metallic Leather, etc.
Making it perfect for embellishments/applique work, banners and decorations.
The possibilities are endless!
Can be hand or machine sewn.
Approximately 1mm thick

Sheet 25cm x 30cm (10"" x 12"")
Half Metre 50cm x 88cm (39"" x 34"")
Will be sent folded for posting, as this is felt you can iron out the creases (no steam) and it smooths out when you stick it on."